Personalized Care

Through certified diabetes educators and qualified health coaches, our patients receive the support and motivation they need to achieve their health goals and self-manage their symptoms.

Cutting Edge

As the first-to-market digital therapeutics provider of health coaching in Canada, we are leading the way with innovative technology, increasing digitalization and effective treatments.

Full Integration

While technology is at the forefront of our digital therapeutics, this is fully integrated with the expertise and empathy of human interaction.

Professional Care You Can Trust

Digital therapeutics:

Focused on delivering clinical outcomes.

Mobile technologies like monitoring devices, smart watches, and smart phones, allow patients to take control of their health through the use of easy-to-use apps and on-going support beyond their doctor’s office. As software and health care converge to create digital therapeutics, this new breed of life sciences technology is helping to transform patient care and deliver better clinical outcomes.


Patients engage with digital therapeutics through mobile apps that:

  • Provide medication reminders, motivational support, guidance even treatment techniques.
  • Work in conjunction with a drug regimen to address more complex conditions.
  • Use cognitive or motivational stimulation (i.e. gamification) to promote behavioural change that could delay or prevent the onset of a chronic disease.
  • Can connect to wearables (i.e. smart watch) and other consumer electronics to track and capture data and communicate with patients.

Digital Therapeutics: The Future Of Modern Medicine.

  • 44% of Canadian adults suffer from at least one chronic condition.
  • 150,000 Canadians die from one of these preventable conditions every year
  • $2.03 billion a year is spent on chronic disease treatment
  • $190 billion cost of chronic diseases on the economy
  • 58% of the total healthcare cost is spent on preventable disease treatment.
  • According to PWC Health Research Institute report, most American consumers desire new digital therapies and connected devices as treatment options, moreover, physicians are inclined towards the use of these tools as well.