We Empower Patients to Better Health

Ellerca Health empowers newly diagnosed patients and caregivers throughout the entire treatment journey. Our innovative technology provides the answers to patients’ most important questions, increases their adherence to medications, and helps them make well-informed decisions based on our unique data insights.

Help Patients and Caregivers Understand their Medical Conditions

Our Care Coordination platform is a turnkey PSP (Patient Support Program) solution that is technology based, drives health outcomes and provides measurable business impact. With fully integrated patient self-management (self-care) solution, patients that are engaged play a greater role in managing their health.

Help Patients and Caregivers Understand their Medical Conditions

Newly diagnosed patients and caregivers often find it difficult to navigate through the many implications of their diagnoses. Ellerca Health provides solutions to help patients understand their medical conditions effortlessly. Our fully reimbursable digital patient engagement tools and support platform connects patients directly to expert healthcare providers who are always available toanswer questions related to their treatment.

Medication Adherence

Our solutions encourage medication adherence. We use artificial intelligence (AI) to make correlations and predictions of risks patients may face, which ultimately helps them make decisions driven by data insights.

Data Analytics & RWE

Ellerca Health delivers to Pharmaceutical Manfacturers quality and reliable data that provide actionable insights from a complex web of influence, distribution, payer, provider, and real-world patient data. With our tools, you can find out how your exact patient cohort behaves and responds to treatment.